Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent is made of eggs, capsaicin, wintergreen oil, garlic oil, fish oil, castor oil, fish meal and meat meal. The combination and multiple redundancy of repelling ingredients make Bobbex a superior product over competitors.

Bobbex was found to be 93% effective, second only to a physical barrier.

Bobbex contains fish oil, an extremely effective sticking agent will not dissolve into a liquid once dry. Bobbex will last through heavy rain and snow.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent is designed to be:

  • Environmentally-safe
  • Harmless to wildlife including aquatic species
  • Harmless to people and pets
  • Free of petrochemical or synthetic components
  • Made from all-natural ingredients

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent should NOT be used directly on edibles, including vegetables, fruits, and herbs. While Bobbex is made of 100% natural and safe ingredients, it is NOT intended for human consumption, and can permanently taint the taste of any edible vegetation that it comes in contact with.

Bobbex CAN be used to provide limited protection around the perimeter of edible vegetation.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent works by smell and taste aversion. Simply put deer and rabbit dislike the taste and smell leaving them to seek food elsewhere.

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Bobbex Deer and Rabbit should be used year-round.

Spring – Begin spraying with Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent when the plants are approximately 1 cm out of the ground. Application interval should be increased in the spring due to the rapid growth of plants. Spray every 10 to 14 days or every 5 cm of new plant growth, since new growth is unprotected.

Remember only what is covered with Bobbex is protected. As plants continue to grow, it is important to reapply to the new growth.

Summer – Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent should be sprayed in the cooler part of the day such as the early morning. Phytotoxicity, causing damage to plants, may occur if sprayed when temperatures are above 30° C. This is not due to the ingredients in the product, but rather the magnification of the sun through the water on the plant’s surface.

Fall/Winter – Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent is designed to be used year-round even if plants are no longer at their peak. If the application is interrupted, deer and rabbit may lose their conditioning to avoid previously treated plants. Regular application of Bobbex will ensure deer and rabbit continue to forage elsewhere than in your garden.

Use Bobbex in the fall and winter months to prevent damage to shrubs that keep their leaves throughout the year, such as rhododendrons, arborvitae, holly, and yews. The last three are some of the most preferred forage plant material by deer. It is important to apply to non-evergreen shrubs to avoid damage to bark caused by rabbits.

Ensure that temperature is above 2° C when applying. This will prevent water freezing on leaves and drawing out the moisture from the leaf which may cause browning along leaf edges. These cautionary recommendations apply to all water-based horticultural products.

Spray Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent on dry plants when temperature is between 2° and 30° C. Lightly cover all plant material, including foliage, buds, and flowers, until the first drop falls off the leaf. Allow 5 to 6 hours of dry time in humid climates and 2 to 3 hours in arid climates before forecasted rain or irrigation. Adequate drying time will allow the product to set properly on plant surfaces and become water insoluble. Bobbex is good for plants so you cannot overspray the product. Learn more here.

Yes, Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent can freeze, however once thawed it can still be used. Simply shake well and apply according to instructions.

If the product freezes, you may find that the bottom of the container may bulge preventing the bottle from standing upright.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent can be used on all types of ornamentals, trees and shrubs. While Bobbex is not toxic, the repellent has not been approved for use on any fruits, vegetables or herbs.

There are many reasons for increased deer and rabbit browsing on commercial and residential plantings.

  • Decreased hunting
  • Some land owners encouraging deer and rabbit presence
  • Suburban development
  • Abandoned farming operations
  • Planting of “plant delicacies” that deer and rabbit are particularly fond of.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent makes a great bulb dip to prevent burrowing herbivores from smelling and discovering your wintered bulbs. Using Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent as a bulb protector will give your bulbs a chance to survive when first planted and throughout the winter, protecting them from burrowing herbivores and deer. Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent creates an aromatic barrier around the bulb and prevents these animals from discovering the bulb.

Instructions for the Bobbex Bulb Dip

  • Remove all loose and dried plant tissue around the bulbs.
  • Dip bulbs in undiluted, concentrated Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent. Allow bulbs to soak for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Remove bulbs from concentrate and allow them to air dry.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent is formulated to adhere to plant surfaces preventing it from washing off in the rain, during irrigation, and normal watering.

Bobbex Deer and Rabbit Repellent is designed to stop wildlife from eating your plants. Plantings tend to be expensive and costly to maintain and cultivate. Shrubs and trees require years of growth to fit perfectly into your landscape. The cost of replacing shrubs and bushes greatly exceeds the cost of our product. Regular use of Bobbex will ensure the lasting protection and enjoyment of your property and landscape.

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