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Why is Bobbex Better?

Bobbex is a non-toxic, topical foliar spray intended to deter deer from browsing on trees, shrubs and ornamental plantings.The active ingredients in Bobbex that deter deer are eggs, capsaicin, and a combination of wintergreen oil, garlic oil, fish oil, castor oil, fish meal and meat meal. This combination of ingredients give the product natural repellent characteristics against herbivores.

The combination and multiple redundancy of repelling ingredients make Bobbex a superior product over competitors.

Bobbex Deer Repellent has been independently tested (* See Effectiveness of Bobbex vs Other Repellents) against ten (10) known competitors, including Hinder, Liquid Fence, Chew-Not, Big Game, Deer Off, Plantskydd, Coyote urine and Repellex. Bobbex Deer Repellent was found to be 93% effective, second only to a physical barrier.

Bobbex contains an extremely effective sticking agent that will last through several heavy rains. The fish oil used in the product allows the product, when dry on plants, to be water insoluble. Bobbex will not dissolve into a liquid once dry.

Are Bobbex products safe?

Bobbex products are completely safe. Bobbex, Inc. developed all its products with the following requirements:

  • Environmentally-safe
  • Harmless to wildlife including aquatic species
  • Harmless to humans and pets
  • Contain no petrochemical or synthetic components
  • Made from all-natural and recycled ingredients

How does Bobbex work?

Bobbex works by smell and taste aversion, can be applied in almost any climate or temperature and will not wash off after heavy rain. Bobbex dries clear and although there is a slight odor, it will dissipate within 24 hours of application (to humans but not to deer). Bobbex will not burn plant material.

When should Bobbex be applied?

Bobbex can be and should be used all year.

Spring – Begin by spraying in the spring when the plants are approximately ½ inch out of the ground. The use of Bobbex should be accelerated in spring due to the rapid growth of plant material. Bobbex should be sprayed every 10 to 14 days or 2 inches of new plant growth, since new growth is unprotected.

Summer – Bobbex should be sprayed in the early morning hours rather than the extreme heat of the day. If sprayed when temperatures are above 30° C, plants may encounter phyotoxicity. This is not due to the ingredients in the product, but rather the magnification of the sun through the water spread on plant’s surfaces.

Fall/Winter – Bobbex should be used in fall months even though plants are no longer at their peak. If applications of Bobbex are interrupted, deer may lose their conditioning to avoid previously treated plants. Regular spraying of Bobbex trains deer to seek nourishment elsewhere.

Bobbex is necessary in the fall and winter months for damage prevention to shrubs that keep their leaves throughout the year. These shrubs include rhododendrons, arborvitae, holly, and yews. (The last three plants are some of the more preferred plant material by deer).

In the winter, applicators should wait until temperatures rise above 2° C. This will prevent the mechanical action of water freezing on leaves and drawing out the moisture from the leaf. This may cause browning along leaf edges. These cautionary recommendations apply to all water-based horticultural products.

Remember new growth is unprotected growth. A repellent is effective only as long as it covers the new growth.

How should Bobbex be applied?

Bobbex is used as a topical spray on plant material. Spray Bobbex lightly on plant material, wetting both sides of plant foliage, including buds and flowers, until the first drop falls off the leaf. Plant surfaces should be dry and applicators should allow 5 to 6 hours of dry time in humid climates and 2 to 3 hours in arid climates before forecasted rain or irrigation. Proper drying time will allow the product to set properly on plant surfaces and become water insoluble. Bobbex is actually good for plants so applicators cannot overspray the product.

Will Bobbex products freeze?

Yes, Bobbex products will freeze, however upon thawing they can still be used. The only detriment to freezing is that the bottoms of the containers will round out preventing the bottle from standing upright, which may cause spillage.

What should Bobbex be used on?

Bobbex can be used on all types of ornamentals, trees and shrubs. While Bobbex is not toxic, the repellent has not been approved for use on any fruits, vegetables or herbs. Bobbex can be sprayed on food plants up to and before the flowering stage of the plant.

Why is there a deer problem now?

There are many reasons for increased deer browsing on commercial and home plantings in recent years, among them are:

  • Decreased hunting
  • Gun control
  • Some land owners encouraging deer presence
  • Suburban development
  • Abandoned farming operations
  • Deer nutritional requirements
  • Planting of deer “delicacies”

Do Bobbex products wash off?

No, all Bobbex products are formulated to adhere to plant surfaces. This adherence prevents wash off due to rain, irrigation and normal watering. Over time plant foliage will absorb some nutrients, the balance will be absorbed into the root system by the plant.

Can Bobbex products save me money?

Bobbex products are designed to stop damage caused by wildlife eating or fouling residential and commercial plantings. These plantings tend to be expensive and costly to maintain and cultivate. Shrubs and trees require years of growth to perfectly fit a landscape setting. The cost of replacing shrubs and bushes greatly exceeds the cost of our product. The systematic use of Bobbex products will ensure the lasting enjoyment of property and landscape.

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