Best Deer Repellent, Bobbex Rated #1

Why the test was needed

The increase in deer population over the past few decades has left more and more people frustrated with deer damage. In response to people’s need for an effective solution to deer foraging and browsing damage many manufacturers introduced various products into the market. These products work with varying effectiveness. As a result, it became important for people to understand which products actually worked.

Bobbex joined an independent study conducted by the State of Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture. The study compared the 10 leading deer repellents on the market. The study demonstrated that next to a physical fence, Bobbex rated #1 in preventing deer foraging damage.

Watch: Why Bobbex is Best

In this video, learn more about the results of the test, how Bobbex can help you keep your plants free from damage, and hear what customers think about Bobbex for their gardens.
*test conducted using the USA formulation for Bobbex Deer Repellent. Canadian formulation has a higher concentration of active ingredients. Therefore results should be comparable or better.

What the results say about Bobbex

Ranked higher

Bobbex was ranked higher than any other deer repellent brand tested.

93% Score

Bobbex's Protective Index Score was an impressive 93%.

Nothing better

Bobbex was shown to be the best solution, other than a physical fence.


The Best Deer Repellent was demonstrated through an independent study conducted by the State of Connecticut Department of Forestry and Horticulture during the growing season of 2006 –2007. This test was structured to determine the true effectiveness of leading deer repellents in the deer-saturated Connecticut region.

To determine the Best Deer Repellent, ten different commercially available deer repellents were tested in in two different geographic locations, using deer-attracting evergreen yews. To establish benchmarks, both positive (fence) and negative (no treatment) controls were included in the experiment.

The evergreen yews were planted in 2 “garden blocks” at each location, with each block containing 12 groups of 6 yews. Deer Repellents were applied based on manufacturer’s recommendations, with a different repellent treatment randomly assigned to each group of yews within each block.

Application costs were recorded, and a Protective % Index was established to grade the effectiveness of each product tested. Results were determined by measuring plant size and dry needle weights at the end of the 2007 growing season.


Bobbex was determined to be the Best Deer Repellent, ranking higher than any other brand. With an impressive Protective Index score of 93%, only the physical fence barrier (not a practical or attractive option for most homeowners) worked better than Bobbex. Safe, lasting, and effective #1-Rated Bobbex proved it really is the Best Deer Repellent!