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Bobbex can be and should be used all year. In periods of rapid growth, all topical and granular repellents need to be reapplied. Bobbex promotes dual application instructions (see below), essential for continued protection. The only time longevity really matters is in dormant times (winter). All other times of the year, plants continue to grow and will out-grow the last
application. Product will need to be re-applied prior to the deterioration of the initial application.

Shake well before mixing.
  • Dilute 1 ounce of Bobbex Concentrate to every 5 ounces of water. (21 ounces of Bobbex Concentrate makes 1 gallon of diluted Bobbex).
  • Spray plants when temperature is between 2° and 30° C.
  • Spray on dry plants and allow product to dry completely before watering or rain.
  • Spray diluted product to the entire plant until wet but not dripping.
  • Re-apply after 28 days for conifers and 14 days for all other ornamentals if risk of feeding damage persists.
  • Re-apply as required in heavily-browsed areas.
  • Always spray new growth.
  • Rinse sprayer nozzle after every use.

Dilute only the amount of Bobbex you intend to spray. Diluted mixture should be used within 5 days. To clean the tank, rinse tank with a mild soapy water solution and spray through the hose.

Store the unused, undiluted portions of Bobbex in a cool dry place.

*All instructions, tips, spray schedules and ratios apply to all Bobbex Concentrate products.

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